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Good news!

We are on the back side of winter and CAU has 45 dues paying members
as of this date which is a 50% increase since last year, as far as we
can tell (Unfortunately, our old records are sketchy).

A big welcome to new members Marcia Whitney and Liz Enyeart who have
already jumped in to help with Empty Bowls.

The holiday sale was again a success. Despite the economy, members who
participated were pleased. A big thank you to chairmen Jeff Clement
and Dave Scowell, and volunteers Cynthia Cool, Tari Huffaker, and
Jordan for all their hard work.

Suzanne Storer had a knock-out show at the Art Barn. If you didn't get
to see it, check out her web site.

Suzanne Conine presented a stimulating teachers' workshop with the
help of Leslie and Dan Mitchell. Teachers came from as far away as
Wendover and St George, and stayed over the night before. Leslie
suggested that we think about doing more of them. We all have skills
to share. Something to think about.

Don't forget, Suzanne is doing a workshop for members at the U on
March 30. See the attached pdf.

Talking about workshops, Nolan offered to check out the emerging
artists when he goes to NCECA  and see who might be interested in
coming to Salt Lake next year. Everyone thought the Christa Assad
workshop last year was a huge success.

Our show at Art Access is opening March 3. Even if you are not in it,
come to the opening. Thank you Heidi Somsen for making this happen. If
anyone has an idea for a show for the 2013-14 season and is willing to
write a proposal please contact me -

Empty bowls, May 4, is coming up fast. Chairmen Angie Schneider, and Cynthia Cool, can use
your input and help. The attached news release is from 2010, but it
still explains the event. Angie and Cynthia are looking for corporate
sponsors, bakeries willing to donate cookies, performers to entertain.
If you know a face painter or balloon artist (performer), let them
know. And last, but not least, potters who would be willing to come
down to St. Vincent de Paul with a wheel, some clay and demo.

They will be organizing studio hosted bowl-a-thons. The U of U
potters' association's is scheduled for Feb. 2.

Dawn Atkin who has been tirelessly doing the web site needs help. If
you are computer savvy (even just enough to post in a forum) and have a bit of time, e-mail her at

In the help department, Leslie who straightened out our financial and
regulatory mess needs one of us to step in and take over the
treasurer's job. E-mail me if you would like to and I can fill you in
with what the job entails.

We are making a donation to NCECA in memory of Suzanne Conine's son.

Etsuko Freeman (the mother of CAU) has suffered a stroke. I recently
spoke with her and she sends her regards and misses "playing in the
mud". If you would like to be in touch, e-mail me and I will give you
her contact info.

Stay warm,

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