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Good morning,

I am working on a special project and would appreciate help identifying a glaze (Raku or otherwise) that matches closesly the tones found in the picture below. On the other hand, would it perhaps be easier to find a clay body that when fired matches this tone?  From my own view, the piece does not seem to have been glazed.  If that is the case, can anyone identify a similar clay body that will achieve these tones? Thank you!

Pithos Louvre CA4523.jpg

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I would guess the easiest way to get that look would be unglazed stoneware and oxide washes. A lighter red stoneware with a black wash and red iron oxide wash (to replicate the reds and blacks which are actually caused by the pit firing) would likely achieve the same feel.

Of course, you could also do a pit fire.  See the thread about barrel fire, which is essentially a pit above ground.

Hope this helps.

Dawn Atkin

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Thank you for your insight.  I will take a look at the barrel firing you mentioned and decide from there which process I will take.  I really appreciate the help.

Thank you.
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