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Heidi Somsen, MFA, U of U has successfully proposed a Clay Arts, Utah show at Art Access in Salt Lake City

Show Opens March 15, 2013 with an artist reception from 6=9pm.
The theme is Biomimicry from the Greek, bios, which means life, and mimesis, imitation. She will curate the show, selecting number of entries from clay artists influenced by the science and beauty of the natural world.
Biomimicry, innovation inspired by nature, is on the cutting edge of science of technology. In her book on the subject, Janine Benyus says, "Even the wheel, which we always took to be a uniquely human creation, has been found in the rotary motor that propels the flagellum of the world's most ancient bacteria."
Show is open to dues paying CAU Members, send a check for $25 to Clay Arts Utah, PO Box 526009, SLC, UT, 84152-6009.  E-mail 1 - 3 1MB images to Heidi by February 1, 2013 at

You can pay your 2013 dues with your entry fee.  2013 dues are $45, ($25 for students currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate program.)

Dawn Atkin
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