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Studio Hints - Opalescent Chun Glaze - cone 5-6
Studio Hints from the Fall 2004 CAU Newsletter:

Opalescent Mid-Fire Chun
This translucent glaze has a brilliant, smooth gloss surface with an opalescent shimmer. Reduction fire to cone 5–6.
Ferro Frit 3269 40 Whiting 9
Lithium carb. 2 EPK 9
Talc 7 Silica 33

Add: .5% cobalt carb. for royal blue with lavender/pink shimmer or 2% copper carb. for teal green with blue shimmer.

- Submitted by Sylvia Ramachandran
Visit for cone 9-10 chun glazes and a scientific discussion about why the sky is blue.

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do you have any pictures of this glaze? do you have any suggestions of application or glazes/ underglaze that work well with this glaze?

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Sylvia Ramachandran gave us this glaze recipe.  She is not a regular on our board, so I sent her an email to see if she had any pictures.  I am not holding my breath, but it is worth a try.

Dawn Atkin

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Thanks dawn, I'm test firing it in reduction right now so it wont be that necessary any more. When i get some test pieces out i'll just photograph them and upload them here. 

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any pictures yet?
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