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Suzanne Storer uses terra sig to create special effect textures on her work.  She was kind enough to share her recipes at the 2007 Potters Workshop.  Here they are:


Newman Red Sig:

115 grams per 100 ml

4 gal water

20 lb Newman Clay

60 ml Sodium Silicate

makes ½ sheetrock bucket

Hard White Sig:

122 grams per 100 ml

7 pints water

2 lbs Ball Clay

2 lbs EPK

20 ml Sodium Silicate

Ochre Yellow Sig:

5 C. Hard White Sig

5 T. TiO2

10 T. Mason #6485

10 C. Newman Sig

Ball mill more than 2 days because of the mason stain.

All sigs:

Mix ingredients in bucket, let stand 2 days, pour off top liquid, evaporate until 100 ml weighs about 115 grams.


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I live in Mexico and don't have any clay except  the bags of wet clay.  Is there any reason I can't make terra sig. from the low fire wet white clay I have?


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You might make some kind of terra sig, but you will have to invent a whole new recipe.  Ball clay has very fine particles, perfect for terra sig.  We have no way of knowing what ingredients are in your pre-mixed clay.

I recommend that you dry and crush some of your clay, then use this recipe: which is far more basic and works with different types of clay.  Be sure to let us know how it works.

Dawn Atkin
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