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Sharing my decade old list of spout tips.  Whenever I hear a new one I add to it.  Feel free to add some:

1.  A thin edge pours better but is more fragile and can chip.

2.  A downturned edge on the spout will drip.  Keep it horizontal.

3.  Squeeze spout into an oval or make a channel with a finger to allow tea to pour smoothly.

4.  The hole between the spout and body must be large enough to allow pressure to propel the tea out.  Too small and the spout will drip and dribble.

5.  The spout should be even with the shoulder of the pot.  Too tall and tea can pour out the lid area.  Too short and tea will leak out the spout before the pot is filled. 

6.  Use a drip channel in the spout to pull the drips back in.  A drip channel is a hole near the lip with a small groove going down the inside of the spout an in or so.  On the outside, the channel goes from the edge of the lip to the hole.  When you stop pouring, any drips over the edge of the lip are actually sucked up through the hole by the tea going back down the spout.

Dawn Atkin

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Make the inside of the spout smooth.  Smooth flow, no turbulence.

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