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Originally Posted on: Aug/03/2005 18:16
I have been playing with saggar firings lately. I would like more options for finishes. Johnson's paste floor wax works well, unless there is carving or other crevaces for it to wedge into and get yellow and ugly. I read about an clear acrylic spray by Duncan. Any other options?

i have tried just about everything. from eggwhites to shoe polish. the BEST to date AMERICAN ACCENTS clear top coat,satin matt. home depot,spray paint section.

Thin the wax down with mineral spirits. I use minwax or Johnson's paste wax. I take an old t-shirt, pour mineral spirits on it, and then rub in the wax. You barely need any, so think of having more mineral spirits than wax an you will not get the yellowing. Also, it is much easier to polish. You really only need the wax to protect from peoples sweat and potato chip grease.....

Kevin - dare I ask what egg white looks like - or smells like after a week?

I just painted one piece with clear polyurethane for wood floors. It brought out the color better than wax, but it is not as smooth. The best color I have seen is from a two part clear epoxy glue. Unfortunately, I was trying to repair a break and the color enhancement just made the crack show up.

not very good! the spray i use brings out more color than anything else i have used. the surface is only slightly smoother than what you start with. more coats help.


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I use Future floor finish (it's a clear acrylic base) mixed half and half with water.  I apply it with cut up rags that I keep in a plastic bag and use over and over.  It seems to work pretty well.  The more Future in the mix, the more shiny the piece.

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I vaguely remember seeing in a ceramics book, where the artist was using  warm beeswax rubbed into the fired piece as a finish. Looked beautiful.

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