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Week 2: July 11th: 1750 degrees then hold 45 minutes

Firing schedule: 1 hour to 1300, then 1hr 15mins to 1750, then hold by stalling the kiln in reduction for 45 minutes.


sagger sample colorsKids saggars: Each piece fired in a mini-saggar.  Salted coffee, steel wool, copper scrub pads, bannanna peals, pistachio shells, cherry pits, Pioneer Craft House Leaf Litter.



















Chuck Parsons 1Chuck: 1/3 sawdust, rock salt, copper sulfate (1 tablespoon), fine steel wool away from pot (not touching).




















Chuck: 1/4 full of fine sawdust, rock salt, minimal copper sulfate at bottom, 2 tablespoons copper sulfate near opening, steel wool not touching pot and copper scrub pad strands.
















Kevin: Refired a piece from week 1, however, because of the odd firing that vitrified the work in week 1, the clay could not absorb smoke and there was no change.

Dawn Atkin
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