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Week 3: July 18th: (Actually fired 7/20) 1650 degrees then hold 30 minutes.

Firing schedule: 1 hour to 850, then 1hr to 1500, then 20 minutes to 1650, then hold by stalling the kiln in reduction for 30 minutes.

sam ple sagger colorsKids saggars: catfood, fine sawdust, coffee grounds, table salt from shaker.




















Dawn AtkinDawn: Salted Coffee (½ c. hot used coffee grounds sprinkled with 1 tablespoon salt. Sun dried), sawdust, steel wool and copper scrub pads. Everything directly touching the pot. NOTE: THESE INGREDIENTS ARE VERY PREDICTABLE AND RELIABLE FOR THIS COLORING.


Darker pot was in closed saggar, lighter pot was in a cracked saggar with the lid ajar to create an opening of 1/2 inch.





Tara: INGREDIENTS: Painted with a thick mixture of baking soda, salt and water. Wrapped in moldy parsley, green onions, newspaper strips & cut up bits of copper scrub pad, hay/straw, sprinkled with rock salt, copper carb and red iron oxide.










Randi LileRandi: Sawdust, salt, steel wool, and lunchmeat ham slices.








Kevin was kind enough to diagram his contents for us:


Kevin Frazier

Dawn Atkin
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