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Pioneer Craft House Firing - Week 1 - July 4, 2006. Target temp was not reached. 1150 F. over a 4 hour fire.


REPORT:  First thing I noticed in unloading was that the saggars were stuck together and the lids were stuck on. Very dark iron stains where the saggars touched make me think iron was the culprit. Alternatively,something in the saggars could have been volatile enough to vaporize Also interesting was the slumping that broke this lid. Bisqueware should not slump at 1150 F.  It also appears that the clay is vitirified.  We can only assume some strange heat buildup occured that did not register on the pyrometer.  We believe the kiln reached about 2000 degrees in 4 hours, but since this kiln is notoriously slow, this is a confusing theory.





Kevin Frazier:  Finished MultiMedia piece.  Both saggars looked similar.


INGREDIENTS: Kevin’s saggars were made from a kaowool wrap held closed with thick wire.  Contents were: #1 Bronze wool, small piece of 02 steel wool, pine needles sprinkled with Dutch Cleanser


INGREDIENTS: acoustic spray, Comet sprinkled onto the wet spray, pine needles, no skid carpet pad wrapped with copper, ash from a raku fire and air conditioning pad (aspen shavings.) Kevin’s piece had an interesting spotting to the red. The black is amelted/glaze like texture. 




Dawn Atkin:  INGREDIENTS: Nut shells and fruit pits with salted coffee, steel wool and Pioneer Craft House leaf litter.  The steel wool was melted in little balls on Dawn’s work. There were colors she had not achieved before including wide swaths of steel blue and yellow/tans and deep purple/red.NOTE: these are not the normal colors for these ingredients.







Dawn Atkin:  INGREDIENTS: Nut shells and fruit pits with salted coffee, steel wool and Pioneer Craft House leaf litter Interestingly, this ball clay terra sig looks overcooked, cracked and stretched.  NOTE:  these are not the normal colors for these ingredients.










Chuck Parsons:  INGREDIENTS: Work was coated in a thick, cracking slip that is designed to crack to let smoke in then break off after firing. Fired in sawdust.  The slip did not completely release.  He will try again.


Dawn Atkin
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