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July 25th.  1.5 hours to 1100 degrees, then 1 hour to 1650 degrees, hold by creating reduction stall for 30 minures.  (varied 1650-1680 during hold.)



Kids Sagger ColorsKids Saggars:  Mini-saggars with potatoe chips, salted coffee, nut shells, fruit pits, rough sawdust.


























Dawn AtkinDawn Atkin: Turquoise Blue from Miracle-Gro. Sawdust, salted coffee, steel wool and copper scrub pad with 2 tablespoons of Miracle-Gro sprinkled directly on the pot. The Miracle-Gro has strong fluxes that cause the copper wire and steel wool to melt into crusties all over the pot. The Miracle-Gro itself created a glaze that sealed the lids to their boxes and left craters and barnicles with sharp edges. It took as long to file and sand the crusty bits off the pot as it took to make the pot in the first place. Check back in week 5 to see if a lesser amount will fix this problem.





Juanita Marshall:  Nice Bright Pink.  Ashwood sawdust, copper sulphate, salted coffee. The pink part was on top, outside of the sawdust mix, the rest was buried in the sawdust mixture.









Tara RobertsonTara Robertson:  More lovely pink.  Washed with copper carb and baking soda wash.  Saggar packed in hay/straw, sawdust, parsley, rock salt and table salt, copper scrub pads and newspaper.











Chuck Parsons:  Bright Orange.  10 pieces rock salt, sawn dust, several strands of course steel wool (not touching the pot) and 4 tablespoons copper sulfate.
















Kevin FrazierKevin Frazier:  Danish White plain clay (no terra sig or burnish) Bisqued to 04.  Wrapped with with 1/8th inch masking tape then brushed with "Sheet Rock Brand" light weight joint compound mixed very thin. Comet was then added to the mix and circles were stamped onto the pot.


Bottom 1/4 of the saggar filled with salt soaked pearlite, copper sulfate and some galvinized tin.


Middle 1/2 of the saggar filled with salt, soaked aspen wool and gavanized tin chips.


Top 1/4 left empty.







Randi Lile

Randi Lile:  Fired in a broken saggar with high amount of ventilation.  Details will be posted shortly.

Dawn Atkin
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