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Saggar Examples


Saggar Fire Research Project

Saggar fired pottery allows for a broad range of expression, requires only inexpensive, easily made materials, and takes only 3 hours to fire. As such, it is a perfect pottery option for a class on a tight budget. But straight answers about saggar fired pottery are hard to find. Since almost anything that will burn can be used in a saggar, it tends to bring out the creativity in everyone. That openness creates too many variables to easily understand. Clay Arts, Utah partnered with Pioneer Craft House for the Saggar Fire Project. Every Tuesday evening for 11 weeks we fired carefully documented saggars during the Tuesday Farmers Market at Pioneer Craft House.


Kids were invited to fill a saggar with a free Saggar Pet. Results were documented for the research project before the kids took home their pets. Results of the project will be presented to teachers with class project ideas and submitted to national pottery magazines.


Thank you to everone who participated!


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