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Is it possible to do a basic pit fire in an old metal garbage can? The bottom edge of the cans are pierced. We used them in the past for reduction in Raku fire. I have also used them for smoke firing. Is there any reason we can't add some of the less noxious chemicals and "pit fire" in them? And if we can, any revisions needed to the cans to make them work?


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It's totally possible to get pit fired type results in a barrel or metal can.  I've even gotten fun results from doing small "quick fires" in large metal bowls and small metal cans.  There is a great book called, "Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques" by James C. Watkins & Paul Wandless that has  well illustrated chapters on pit and barrel firing with lots of suggestions for loading the barrel or pit and layering combustibles.  I've used a lot of the suggestions when pit firing and found them very helpful. 

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Of course, CAU has now answered this question with a Research Project.  Visit the Barrel Fire Post at:

Dawn Atkin
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