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Clay Arts, Utah Membership Meeting
October 13, 6-8pm
Pioneer Craft House
3271 S 500 East
The Great Room
Absolutely Free!

        The fall meeting will be a Show and Tell (or Ask).   Bring a recent art work, technique or tool that you really like, then take a few minutes to tell us about it.   If you have a question, ask it and we will try to come up with intelligent suggestions.   Even if you don't have a Show and Tell, you will probably go home with a few new ideas.   Here are some reasons to come to the meeting:

  1.                 One of the great things about Clay Arts, Utah is that it is a community.   This is a wonderful opportunity to be part of and build that community.   Introduce yourself and your work to the community.   Meet and start to network with other artists.
  2.                 The annual workshops are great for learning big ideas from an expert artist, but sometimes it is the little things that make a huge difference.   Von Allen also told us about using Scotch-Brite pads for smoothing surfaces.   Susan Harris told us to use a plastic sheet to prevent burrs when putting grooves in a design.   Brian Jensen showed us that counter-top samples make great ribs.   I bet that most of us have some tips like that to pass on, and that each of those tips can save you time, expense, and effort.
  3.                 If you think about the talent and years of experience in our membership, there is probably someone who knows the answer to your questions or can at least steer you in a productive direction.
  4.                 In the summer newsletter, I said that some of our best ideas come from the members.  Here is your chance to shine!

Dawn Atkin
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