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New Wood Kiln at the U of U
   Fire. Wonderful fire. Can there be too many kilns in Utah? Thanks to Associate Professor of the U of U Ceramics Department, Brian Snapp there is a new wood fired kiln on campus. Dan Murphy, an esteemed wood-firer and Assistant Ceramics Professor from Utah State University was brought in to build a wood fired train kiln to replace the U's run down Olsen Fast-Fire kiln. The train kiln was designed by Utah State University's John Neeley, and is a downdraft, bourry-box style kiln mixed with an anagama-like ware chamber. The U held a successful one-week kiln building workshop, May 7th-11th, which attracted about two dozen eager fire lovers to learn about building kilns and firing with wood.  The new kiln has the advantage of being relatively easy to fire while producing heavy wood ash and firebox flashing effects. Snapp is on sabbatical this year, but plans to fire the kiln this fall, at a date to be determined.  

Submitted o the 2007 Fall Newsletter by Gavin Noyes

Dawn Atkin
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