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Originally Posted on: Jul/30/2005 22:53 by new2clay
glaze failed
I just picked up my work from last quarter and I was not happy with the glazes. By looking at other pieces that came out of the same kiln with the same glaze, I can only think I am doing something wrong.

The glaze is thin. The roughness of my clay shows through. (Long Beach) On my mugs, the edge is rough. It does not seem like it would be nice to drink from, although I do not think it would cut. It is just not smooth.

Other people who used the same glaze the same night have nice looking pots. Help!
are you dipping,spraying or brushing the glazs? make sure your pot is clean but dry. you might try holding the piece in the glaze longer. may be two coats. is your bisque temp high enough? 04 is suggested. try lightly sanding your greenware and or the bisque ware. watch the other students glaze. look at what they are doing that you may not be.
2 more thoughts if your mugs (pots) are thin at the lip they may be absorbing too much water. you might have to thicken the glaze. don't do this on your own, pouring off the surface water before you mix can sometimes have a bad affect on the glaze. ask your instructor.

are you mixing the glaze well. reach in with your hand and make sure all of the settled glaze has been mixed. if the glaze has a tendency too settle, mix before each application.
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