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Tara RobertsonAll artists are invited to participate in the 2007 CAU Research Project. On the first Tuesday of every month we will meet at Pioneer Craft House (3300 South 500 East in SLC) as part of the Tuesday Farmers Market at Pioneer Craft House. Barrel Fire is similar to pit fire, but is done above ground in a metal barrel such as a garbage can. No gas kiln is required like in saggar fire, and no potential contaminants are left in the soil like in a pit fire. It is a simple and safe option for schools that can become as complex as any artist could desire.

Bring bisque-ware to participate in the free barrel fire, or just come to watch. We will load work from 4-5:30pm then light the fire at 5:45 on July 3, August 7, September 4 and October 2. Carefully documented ingredients and the resulting work will be photographed and posted online so everyone can learn from the project.

Chuck ParsonsAlthough any clay will absorb smoke in a Barrel Fire, burnished work seems to hold better color - darker blacks as well as the pastel colors.  If you dont want to kill your wrist burnishing, try terra sig.  For step by step instructions for terra sig, visit Easy Terra Sig post in the Resource Library.
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