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Empty Bowls, Utah is the annual CAU fundraiser to feed the hungry. Artists throughout the state donate food safe soup bowls. On May 7th, the bowls will be sold for $15 each and all proceeds go to Catholic Community Services’ Vincent de Paul Resource Center which provides meals to the homeless as well as families in need.

Please join us:
Saturday May 7, 2011
St. Vincent de Paul
437 West 200 South, Salt Lake City
(Trax runs along 200 south, so you need to be on eastbound 200 South to enter the parkinglot.)

We have a goal of 800 bowls at the event this year.  ARTISTS:  If you can donate one bowl or ninety, we appreciate every donation.  Bowls can be donated anytime up to the day of the event.  Drop off your bowls at Dawn Atkin's table at Red Kiln (390 East 1700 South in SLC).  Other drop off locations will be announced soon.

Join us to throw as many bowls as possible in one day.  The pottery will provide the clay and firing.  Bring your tools and throw!

Red Kiln Bowl-A-Thon (390 East 1700 South in SLC.)  March 12, 2011 from 10am - 5pm. 

More Bowl-A-Thons to be posted soon.

Why does Clay Arts Utah  do an Empty Bowls event?

For professional artists, Empty Bowls is a great opportunity to try some new bowl designs, glaze combination or surface design experiments. It takes time and repetition to develop a new line. Empty Bowls lets those beautiful, but mismatched, development tests make the world a little better.

For teachers, Empty Bowls is a perfect home for class demonstration bowls or a wonderful student lesson opportunity. Functional bowls take thought and planning. 

And for students, what a great opportunity to see your work used for a good cause. We asked students to push for their best to see how their work shines at the Empty Bowls event.  Some of the legendary pieces from Empty Bowls Utah have been student work , like the "guy in a bathtub" bowl.

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