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Empty Bowls, Utah 2012

A pottery sale to help feed the hungry in Salt Lake City

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Noon - 4 pm

St. Vincent de Paul Resource Center

437 West 200 South

Salt Lake City

Live music

Kids activities

The first Saturday of May is time for our annual Empty Bowls fundraiser.  The outline for the fundraiser is simple:

  • Local potters donate bowls
  • The bowls are sold for $15 each.  The purchase includes a simple lunch of soup and bread.
  • The proceeds of the sale go straight to the St Vincent de Paul Resource Center to help fund their efforts to feed the hungry.

Of course, the execution is a little more complicated.  If you can help us, let us know by contacting Bill at

  • We need bowls.  If you are a potter, please set aside some bowls or make some for this event.  Typically these are soup bowls, but larger bowls will be sold at a little higher price.
    You can bring your bowls to the event or drop them off at the Red Kiln or Petersen Art Center.  Make sure they are well marked as Empty Bowls bowls and please include your contact information.
  • We need people to work at the event.  There are 4 shifts:
    • 11-12: Set up: We will need several people to help set up the space and put out the bowls.
    • 12-2: Event: During the event, we need cashiers , people to wrap bowls, restock the tables, demonstrate throwing...
    • 2-4: Event
    • 4-5: Clean up. We will need several people to repack extra bowls and load them back to storage.
  • We need help in getting the word out.  When we send out the email postcard, please forward it.  
  • We have the event on facebook, look for “Empty Bowls, Utah” or use this link: (  Please share the event and invite your friends.
  • If you can put up some posters, let me know how many you need and how we can get them to you.  (Will will have them at Red Kiln and Petersen Art Center.)


Bill James (

Cynthia Xaiz Cool

Chairs of Empty Bowls 2012.

Dawn Atkin

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A bowl throwing party for Empty Bowls

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Noon - 4 pm

Red Kiln Studio and Gallery

393 East 1700 South

Salt Lake City

Red Kiln is again hosting a bowl throwing party to produce bowls for Empty Bowls.  If you can, join in and throw some bowls or cheer on the throwers.  Bring your tools, but clay will be provided.

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