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Originally Posted on: Jan/05/2006 17:36
Cone 5-6 Base Glaze
Does anyone have any great base glaze recipe for an electric kiln at cone 5-6 that I can mix my own colorants with? I haven't found one yet that I am satisfied with. I do appreciate it!


G200 Feldspar 20
Ferro Frit 3134 20
Wollastonite 10
EPK 20
Talk 11.5
Silica 18.5

Its a clear gloss. 1.0 cobalt added makes a light blue about 6.0 rutile adds a nice bit of opacity.

I would love to hear about cone 6 glazes you have tried.
- Dawn

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I found a few glazes that really work well for me so here they are:


Midnight Blue-

Custer Feldspar   44

Whiting   17

Ball Clay   8

EPK  9

Flint   22



Cobalt Oxide   5


No Cobalt Black-

Dolomite   2.5

Gerstley Borate   5

Whiting   7

Zinc Oxide   0.5

Cornish Stone   20

Ball Clay   7

Barnard Slip Clay   45

Flint   13



Red Iron Oxide   4.3

Copper Carbonate   3


Chrome Red

Soda Feldspar   43

Gerstley Borate   20

Whiting   20

Silica(325 Mesh)   12

EPK   5



Tin Oxide   7.5

Chrome Oxide   .85


These are all great glossy glazes that I believe I got from Studio Potter Magazine on-line (a great web page).  I've been looking for a very long time and I thank y'all for your help in my search.  I hope that this helps you as well.





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All of the previous glazes are cone 6 firings



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