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I truly enjoy Clay Arts Utah group shows.  There are always so many techniques and styles represented by CAU members.  But I was particularly delighted by Setting The Scene, the CAU Summer Show, at Patrick Moore Gallery (2233 South 700 East in Salt Lake City.)  CAU’s sculptural work was well matched with the rust and sienna paintings of Scott Durrant in the main room.  Dominated by large entries such as the classic wood fired vase by Nolan Baumgartner and the windswept female figure Graft IV by Heidi Moller Somsen the main room felt like a complete an coherent show, but with amazing variations.  Certain groupings particularly stood out.  Two black and red bowls titled Black Galaxy Bowl Set by Suzanne Conine were simple bowls, but their perfect lines and dramatic colors drew me back time and again.  In contrast, Joshua Flicker’s Steam Driven T-Pot and Industrial Strength T-Pot were rough mechanical themed teapots that were hard not to pick up in order to search out every detail.  There were also wonderfully delicate pieces, overlooked at first, but like a treasure to be found by those willing to look.  A classical vase form by Stan Roberts, a vulnerable foal sculpture titled,  Reclining Horse #5 by Janimarie Lester DeRoe, and the Naked Raku Vases by Charles Parsons.  No review of the show would be complete without a mention of the humorous little sculpture Where to Put Grandma by Nancy Marr.  It simply made me smile.

Patrick Moore Gallery is a wonderful maze of rooms, each with its own atmosphere.  Wandering the gallery allows a surprise at every turn.  My favorite surprise was also my favorite piece in the show.  I walked past it a couple of times thinking it was a painting, until the angle of the light revealed Find & Save V by Colour Maisch.  Amazingly delicate and textural, the piece could have been messy like the wild flowers it implies, but the artist framed it beautifully, contrasting and controlling, the wild image.      

Setting the Scene is a show worth revisiting.  It runs through August 7, 2010.  Don’t miss it.

submitted by Dawn Atkin

Setting the Scene at Patrick Moore Gallery, 2233 S 700 East, SLC.
Friday, July 16, 2010 to August 7, 2010

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