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Time to reserve your table at the 2012 Holiday Sale.  Members can send their check made payable to Clay Arts, Utah to Jeff Clement, Holiday Sale Chairman.

mail to     PO Box 9927 Salt Lake City, UT 84109
phone        801-505-4060

General Information for Artists:

Our annual pottery sale is a great start to the holiday shopping season.  We hope you will consider reserving a space.  

Here is the most important information:

  • Spaces are open to current Clay Arts, Utah members only, but you can always send in your dues with your entry.

  • There are 19 single spaces.  Most of these spaces are about 8’ x 5’.  The dimensions vary a little based on location in the rooms.  Single spaces are $85 and may be shared.

  • There are 4 double spaces.  These are about twice the size of the singles, but are squarer.  Double spaces are $135 and cannot be shared.

    Last year, we added one double space (removing 2 singles) and added back one single by taking over part of the lobby for a free space.  We might do that again this year if needed.

  • The Garden Center provides some 8’ long tables, some round tables, and lots of chairs.  These will be provided as needed for no additional fee.

  • The sale will feature some of the finest potters in Utah and draws a large audience of ceramics aficionados.

  • Spaces will be assigned largely on a first-come, first-served basis upon acceptance of registration

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